Glass History 

vintage advertising


 "Built-In Insulation"



Text from 1947 Advertisement:

"Pittsburgh's New Window
  With Built-In Insulation

You Get These Important Benefits With Twindow

You get built-in insulation. Twindow is constructed of two or more panes of "Pittsburgh" glass separated by hermetically sealed air spaces to provide permanent insulation. A tough, stainless steel frame protects the assembly and simplifies handling and installation. Because the unit is entirely prefabricated, it's as easy to install as a single pane of glass.

You get year 'round comfort. Because Twindow cuts heat conductance nearly in half, rooms are far more comfortable and healthful than when ordinary windows are used. And, with Twindow, downdrafts are virtually eliminated.

You get freedom from condensation. Twindow has such high insulating efficiency that it will not frost or steam except under the most sever conditions. This makes Twindow desirable wherever clear vision is important ... in the large windows of schools, offices, factories, store fronts ... and for special uses such as refrigerated display cases.

You get economical heating and air conditioning. Because Twindow helps prevent heat transfer, heating equipment is more efficient and costs less top operate. And the same is true of air conditioning.

If you would like more complete information on this newest "Pittsburgh" development, write us today. Address Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, 2092-7 Grand Building, Pittsburgh 19, Pennsylvania.

We regret that current production is not meeting demands. Deliveries must continue slow until new facilities are completed. When planning new construction or modernization, we suggest you get in touch with our nearest branch to determine if our delivery schedule will permit your use of this finest of insulated windows.