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1943 Advertisement
Motor Service Magazine


"What do you think?"

You're a car dealer. This year you've depended a lot on service business. Next year you'll probably depend even more on it.

    But what about service business prospects next year?

    There are those who say that gas rationing, reduced speed limits and no new tires will substantially curtail service business.

    There are others who optimistically look forward to more service business next year. They say that increasing age of cars in use will make this possible.

    Only time will tell who's right. But we do know this ... that you will not relax your efforts to step up service sales.

    One way to promote service sales is to completely analyze the service needs of every car that is brought to your shop. On some cars, for instance, you'll find cracked and shattered glass. Recommend replacement with Libbey - Owens - Ford Safety Plate Glass, because this high quality safety plate glass assures the motorist greater protection and greater freedom from eyestrain wherever and whenever he drives. Libbey - Owens - Ford Safety Plate Glass is recognized as the standard of quality on millions of motorcars today.