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PT Cruiser Windshield
Last Update: 5/17/01

From the TechBoard

Doing my first one of these PT Cruiser windshields. Anything special I need to know?  Jerry 5/16/01

They are extremely easy to do I used a Fein knife to do them the molding is pretty hard. The whole windshield is bonded. Be careful on the sides, there is a weatherstrip between the glass and door and it has a painted area below it, that if it is scratched, can be seen. The only other tip I have on this is that there is no cowl but make sure you completely remove the wipers the bottom of the windshield has a long stub that sticks out of the center and acts as a stop with the wipers in place it will go right through the urethane in the bottom center... Good Luck  w/s guy

Use the extractor, it will remove it in 5 min flat.. I know, I've removed plenty of them already. We service a Dodge dealer here...Ws guy is right, you must remove the wipers because of the long middle setting stick...  FXS


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