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Aegis Glass Handlers Kit
Last Update: 6/20/01

From the TechBoard

I need input on the Aegis Glass Handlers Kit vacuum cup (Equalizer tools part#gez543). Any info would be helpful.. thinking about buy one next month, not sure if it good for setting windshields. Thanks for your time .. have a happy install?  inshop tech

Use mine on every install, one- or two-man. Recommend them highly. Craig

The best cups on the market. I use them so much that I'm on my second set now. I use them on every install, whether it be a 2 man or 1 man install. You do not have to touch the frit band with the cups. Great for installing flat glass also...I use them on rubber set truck w\s for installations also. Position cups on the inside and pull rope.  FXS

Very good cups. I would recommend them to everyone. Brian

I love my cups I feel I could not do glass without them .I have had mine for three years now and still going strong.  Mark

Have used them since they came out and will not switch. Also very easy on the wrists due to the handle design.  ws guy 747

Have used these all the time. CRL has them; part# K1T1710.  mldd

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