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Feature Tip:
Dodge Durango Glass Installation

Courtesy of
Performance Achievement Group

The following are installation instructions to replace the glass to OEM specifications. These tips will cover replacement of the Durango’s windshield, front door glass, rear door glass, rear vent, quarter glass and back glass. Parenthetically, the windshield and front door glass on this vehicle have the same installation procedures as the Dodge Dakota truck.

Note: Always wear eye, hand and wrist protection while working on the vehicle. This vehicle is equipped with dual airbags and will require additional cure time before releasing vehicle to the owner. The Performance Achievement GroupLLC always recommends rapid curing two-part high viscosity urethane for passenger side airbag equipped vehicles. Inform the vehicle owner of the cure time and any other additional precautions before installation. Always return the vehicle to manufacturer’s specifications.

Be sure to protect all interior and exterior portions of the vehicle to prevent any damage.

Windshield DW01295/1381

  • Remove the wipers by releasing the spring tension and lifting off the post.

  • Gently pry up on cowl retainers to release them, then remove the cowl. Keep replacement retainers available, as they may easily be lost or damaged.

  • Side moldings are fastened with screws and are easily accessed once the door is opened.

  • Top molding wraps around the glass and is removed by pulling away from the glass. You should have a replacement available.

  • Once the moldings have been removed, use a cold knife or power cut out tool to cut out the windshield. Use caution when cutting the bottom of the glass, so you do not damage the cowl retainers.

  • The Performance Achievement GroupLLC always recommends using the full-cut out method. Using a sharp chisel or utility knife, remove the adhesive, leaving a thin skin of well-bonded urethane on the pinchweld. Be careful not to disturb the body paint if possible.

  • Prime the pinchweld according to your adhesive manufacturer’s specifications. Concentrate only on any areas of the paint that may have been scratched or damaged during the removal process. The freshly cut urethane bed provides the best bonding surface. Allow proper time for the primers to cure.

  • Clean and prime the windshield according to adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations. Install the top molding onto glass at this time.

  • Dry set the windshield into the opening of the vehicle. Be sure to adjust for proper alignment and make any adjustments in the setting blocks to achieve proper height. This vehicle is equipped with dissolvable setting blocks for the windshield and the blocks will require replacement. For ordering purposes, the blocks are Mopar part # 55275388.

  • Mark the glass where the setting blocks lie with a wax pencil. Apply suction cups to the windshield. Remove the windshield and set it on a cradle with the inboard lite in the upright position.

  • Use a properly cut "V" notch tip to duplicate the original bead size. Apply a high viscosity urethane to the glass.

  • Set the windshield into the opening using your dry set marks for proper alignment. Be careful not to slide the windshield once it makes contact with the pinchweld.

  • Install the side moldings, cowl, and wipers in reverse order of removal.

Front Door Glass DD09276/77

  • Remove the screws from the interior door panel. Lift the panel up and out to remove it from the door. Disconnect the linkage rod from the interior handle and any wires, including the power mirror if the vehicle is so equipped. The power window and lock switch panel is fastened to the trim panel using clips. The switch panel can be removed from the door panel once the interior panel is removed from the door.

  • Clean the broken glass from glass run channels and vacuum inside door. Remove the front glass run channel and lower glass into position. Install the front glass run channel, being sure glass moves freely before tightening nuts.

  • Install the nuts to fasten the glass channel, which is attached to glass, to the regulator. Operate the window to make sure the parts all work together.

  • Replace the panel in reverse order of removal.

Rear Door Glass DD09278-79

  • Follow the same procedures as front door glass to remove door panel.

  • Clean broken glass from glass run channels and vacuum inside door. Remove rear vent assembly, which includes the division bar, and lower glass into position. Re-install vent assembly, being sure glass moves freely in the channels.

  • Install nuts to fasten glass channel, which is attached to glass, to the regulator. Operate window to assure proper operation.

  • Replace panel in reverse order of removal.

Rear Vent Glass DV09280-81

  • Follow the same procedures as front door glass to remove door panel.

  • Rear vent assembly is fastened with two screws. Remove both screws. The division bar is attached to the vent assembly.

  • Lower the door glass and tilt assembly forward while pulling up on it. Use caution not to damage painted surfaces while removing and replacing them. It may be helpful to unfasten door glass from the regulator.

  • Clean up broken glass and vacuum inside door.

  • Replace the assembly by lowering it into the door and aligning the glass into the glass run channel.

  • Slide assembly into proper position and install screws to fasten to the door. Fasten door glass to regulator if it had been unfastened. Be sure door glass operates properly.

  • Replace panel in reverse order of removal.

Quarter Glass DQ09282/83

  • Remove interior trim and drop headliner to expose the retaining nuts. Panel is held in place with push-in panel fasteners.

  • There are three 10mm nuts on the top and bottom, and two on each side that will need to be removed to release the old part which is sealed using a foam core butyl. Clean pinchweld and apply new foam core butyl to the part. Install the glass into opening and secure with 10mm nuts. Be careful not to over tighten the nuts.

  • Replace the panel and headliner in reverse order of removal.

Back Glass DB09284

  • The panel on the rear gate is a two piece panel and will need to be removed to access wires for rear defroster. The top half is fastened with panel fasteners. Gently pry outward with a door panel tool to release. Two of the six screws that attach bottom panel are then exposed. Remove these screws as well as the four on the bottom of the panel, and remove the panel.

  • Side moldings are fastened with three Phillips head screws. The top and bottom moldings wrap around the edge of the glass and may require replacement.

  • The glass is bonded with a urethane adhesive. Follow the previously described installation procedures for the windshield that are described above.

  • Plug in defroster wires, install panel, and secure side moldings.

  • Clean and detail vehicle.

Information provided by Harlan Jeffers and Chris Borsheim,
Technical Trainers, Performance Achievement Group.

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