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Feb 27, 2002

1999-2002 Lincoln Town Car

Carlite will be making the following part substitution for Lincoln Town Car backlites. Stock of DB09612 GTY has been exhausted.  The DB09885 GTY was introduced for the 2001 model year due to a change to the width of the black ceramic paint band along the roofline, and to a slight repositioning of the terminal clip for the antenna. 

DB09612 GTY  is now superceded by DB09885 GTY. DB09612 GTY was used for 1999 – 2000 Model Year vehicles. The DB09885 GTY will, therefore, service 1999 – 2002 Model Year  Town Cars.


1990 – 1997 Town  Car

Carlite is happy to announce the re-introduction of the following part for the Lincoln Town Car.

DR07681 YPY   Moonroof: Glass panel assembly, dark gray privacy


2002 Continental (since late October 2001)

Ford Motor Company has made running changes to the windshields for the 2002 model year Continental and Town Car in which the ceramic paint patterns for each were changed.  The Continental change included the addition of a 3rd visor (paint band drops down in the area between the visors to give additional shading from the sun's glare).  In addition, the paint drops down further to conceal the mirror button. 

The Town Car change was only to conceal the mirror button, so this NAGS number, DW01418 GBY, will be carried over.  This change occurred in late November 2001.  You may have some DW01418's in stock that will be at one or both design levels.  Carlite will only carry the latest design level from this point forward. 

The running change for the Continental occurred in early November  2001, so vehicles produced since that time through February 2002 will have windshields marked as DW01318 even though they are actually  DW01484 GBY (with the 3rd visor).  Carlite will be carrying both versions of this windshield.

DW01484GBY  Windshield: Solar tint, with 3rd visor paint pattern .


2002 Mercury Cougar

Ford Motor Company has introduced a special edition of the Cougar for 2002 MY. The edition includes a unique windshield with the word "Cougar" and the Cougar logo incorporated in a dot matrix 3rd visor. This is located in the top center of the windshield. Approximately 3000 of these vehicles will be built for the 2002 model year. However, some Cougar owners may want to upgrade to this part when having their windshield replaced if their original windshield was the DW01326. Except for the different paint pattern, this windshield is the same as DW01326.

DW01461GTY  Windshield: Solar tint, with special "Cougar" paint pattern 3rd visor.


Previous Bulletins:

2002 Lincoln Blackwood

Ford Motor Company has introduced the new 2002 Lincoln Blackwood hybrid vehicle. This vehicle shares some of the same glass parts as the F-Series 4-Door Crew Cab (all door glass). The windshield differs only in the paint pattern. The standard back window is a fixed one-piece heated glass with antenna. The dealer also can equip this vehicle with a power sliding back window. This part is not installed at the factory.

DW01458GBN Windshield: Solar tint with gradient band, black paint to obscure the mirror button and wire strap for electrochromic mirror.
Backlite: Batch privacy, fixed, heated with antenna.

2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt

Ford Motor Company has introduced the special, limited edition 2001 Mustang Bullitt Coupe. Production of this edition was limited to around 6500 vehicles. The difference between the regular coupe quarter window and this one is the paint pattern. The paint band around the rear of the part (C-pillar area) was changed to match the lines of the quarter window trim appliqué on the Bullitt.

DQ09925 / 9926 GTY Solar tint, encapsulated - "Bullitt"

2002 Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute Sport Utility

The 2002 Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute sport utility vehicles have been introduced with a change to quarter windows. The interior encapsulations with integrated attaching studs have been deleted from these parts. The new parts are also slightly larger (about 2 mm all the way around) and are now direct bonded to the vehicle with urethane.

[Carlite will continue servicing the prior level parts with encapsulation for the 2001 Escapes and Tributes. These parts should be installed using foam core butyl sealant.]

DQ10055 / 10056 GTY 2002 Escape Quarterglass: Solar Tint
DQ10055 / 10056 YPY 2002 Escape Quarterglass: Privacy
DQ10053 / 10054 GTY 2002 Tribute Quarterglass: Solar Tint
DQ10053 / 10054 YPY 2002 Tribute Quarterglass: Privacy

2002 Ford Focus

For 2002, Ford Motor Company has introduced the following new parts for the Focus. Ford is introducing the new 5-door hatchback version of the Focus for the first time in North America. The Focus 5-Door shares the same windshield with all the other Focus body styles and the same door glass as the 4-Door sedan. The backlite is the same as the 3-Door. The only new glass parts on this body style are the quarter windows shown below.

A new windshield design is also being introduced post job 1. It is common across all Focus body styles and differs from its predecessor in the cowl line design. The cowl edge also has an attached molding with an integrated channel that acts as a retainer for the cowl vent screen. This molding is included with the windshield and will have a nylon insert that must be removed prior to installation. This insert is used to support and prevent damage to the molding during windshield shipment. The upper molding (carryover from DW01345) will also be included with the new windshield.

The new station wagon backlite shown below was actually a running change during the 2001 MY. The terminals for the defroster grid were changed from T-bar type (long blade) to URX clips (shorter, angled blade) around March 2001. Carlite will continue to service the prior level part, DB09534 GTY, as well.

DW01459GTY Windshield (All body styles): Solar tint without gradient band, 3- sided upper molding and cowl molding with integrated cowl vent screen retainer

Update Nov. 10th> The DW01459 GTY has not gone into production yet (i.e. has not been installed in any saleable vehicles). There are some issues with this part that are still being worked out. The introduction, therefore has been delayed for at least two or three months. When more definitive information is available, a revised Carlite Product Information Bulletin for this part will be sent out.

DQ10013 / 10014 GTY 5-Dr. Quarterglass: solar tint, with molding

DB10061 GTY Station Wagon Backlite: Solar tint, heated, hole W/grommet for rear wiper, URX terminal clips

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