March 26, 1999

The following text is from PPG regarding  PPG Prostars, sent out to all LYNX Services participants:


Dear LYNX Services Participant,

The open enrollment period for PPG PROSTARS is now over. I am pleased to report that in just ten short weeks, PPG PROSTARS has become the largest marketing alliance of automotive replacement and repair retail locations in the country.

New participants will soon be receiving their store identity materials, and plans are on schedule for the 1999 media launch. If you did not have an opportunity to discuss our plans for media advertising before making your decision to participate, you may want to do so by contacting your PPG sales representative.

For the remainder of the year, enrollment of additional locations in PPG PROSTARS will be by PPG invitation. Strong coverage has been established in a number of markets, and enrollment is now complete in these markets for 1999.

A considerable amount of dialogue has taken place ever the last three months regarding PPG PROSTARS. In several cases, information published on the Internet and in various newsletters has been a misrepresentation of PPG PROSTARS and the intent behind it. I hope you were able to sift through any misleading information, and make a solid decision for yourself. The attached will clarify some issues that were misrepresented or omitted in some newsletters.

These will soon be posted on the PPG PROSTARS web page, which will be operational in April. The website should serve as a forum for objective discussion on industry and PPG PROSTARS issues. Our address is Look for us in April. Many features of the site are still under construction, and all suggestions are welcome.

For those who have not yet made a decision to join PPG PROSTARS, you are encouraged to find out more about what will soon become the leading marketing alliance of automobile glass retailers in the country.

More Correspondence clarifying PPG Prostars, and a response to various newletter publications and internet postings.
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